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How to choose best baby teether for baby chewing?

All of babies would like chewing for touch world. But not all of product suit them. And most of mum and dad ignored this. There are some wooden, cloth, plastic and silicone toys for baby teething. Do you know which one is best for baby teething?

50A Shore products if best for baby according to the dentist’s recommended. wooden and plastic chewing toys hardness is around 80A, they are too harder to chewing for baby. Cloth is easy dirty, at the same time small chip is very easy eat by baby. It is very dangerous for baby. Please against it.
Silicone baby teething toys is made of 50A food grade silicone, non-toxic, odorless and BPA free. It is the safest material. At the same time, silicone baby teething toys easy clean, cute design and soft. It is a best chewing toys for baby.

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